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Hosted Learning Management System: How it works

How Login & Go Hosted Online Training Works

All you need is an idea - The Login & Go Learning Management System takes care of the rest

Whether it's custom training, new hire orientation, software simulation or off-the-shelf courses, Login & Go provides an easy authoring, delivery and management solution. It even lets you re-use your existing training material with no modifications. See the Login & Go Quick Tour for demos and sample course lessons. 

Login & Go delivers a reliable, flexible suite of e-Learning tools that powers online training for over one million online learners worldwide.

The Origins of Login & Go and FlexTraining

FlexTraining started out in 1997 as a custom solution for a number of mid-sized corporate customers who needed a versatile online learning management system with advanced features. Over time, it became clear that most customers were asking for the same reliable, scalable architecture, the same web-based management features and the advantages of a flexible design.

In 1998, FlexTraining became a standard product, built on the open Microsoft architecture, with streamlined installation and management capabilities. Since that time, it has been continually expanded and enhanced to maintain its leadership in the field of online training tools.

Why it's called "FlexTraining"

FlexTraining originally earned its name because its software modules and features could be enabled or disabled with a simple mouse click. This gave our customers the ability to quickly tailor their e-Learning system to match their specific needs without programming.

To that flexible architecture we added choices. One option is the ability to either license and install FlexTraining on a web server (public or private) or subscribe to FlexTraining online on a monthly basis through the FlexTraining "Login & Go" subscription service.

And if that isn't enough flexibility, we offer tiered licensing. We have specific licenses for small business, corporate standard training, enterprise-wide e-Learning and educational institutions. It is now possible for a small or mid-size organization to enjoy the same advanced functionality as companies with larger budgets.

Design Philosophy

The design goal of FlexTraining has always been to provide the maximum functionality and flexibility with the minimum complexity. That's why the rapid setup, management and authoring features are all utilized through a streamlined point-and-click web interface.