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Hosted Learning Management System: One stop shopping

E-Learning. On the spot and on the money.

With the Login and Go hosted Learning Management System, you get the perfect, all-in-one e-Learning solution.

No more looking to multiple vendors, where a learning management system might come from one company, the content authoring tool from another, and a hosting or subscription service from another. Login and Go has assembled a complete, hosted e-Learning software and delivery package.

Login and Go delivers a portfolio of integrated e-Learning products with a complete, one-stop-shopping solution:

  • FlexTraining Software: A Learning Management System
  • FlexAuthoring: A premium e-Learning content authoring tool
  • Chat Server: Provides online collaboration 24/7 and allows the online user to "chat" with another online user in real time
  • Message Board: Provides asynchronous online interaction 24/7 and offers a forum wherein students post answers and comments to discussion questions
  • Course Development Services: A suite of services that include creating, developing and implementing an online training program; create, compose and strategize